Come Alive

Dreaming with your eyes wide open One of the greatest joys of being a parent is watching your kids experience things for the first time. Sure things like taking those first wobbly steps, or uttering the first word are the classics, but for me it is seeing them encounter a new experience, one they will […]

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sunday best

feeling good, like i should, went and took a walk around the neighborhood.feeling blessed, never stressed, got that sunshine on my sunday best. Sunday Best Having tween-aged daughters means I have the opportunity to listen to a great deal of pop music. This can be a blessing and a curse. But the lyric above, and […]

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Tonight, Tonight

This song has always made me hopeful, and the world needs more of that right now. I’ve been enjoying the magic of Tonight, Tonight, and the promise of a fresh start at dawn along the bank of the Deschutes the past few evenings. Seeing the beauty in clouds at sunset, and nighthawks swooping in for […]

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Each day we get closer to solstice, I am waking up just a few more minutes earlier. I rise with the sun it seems, so this morning I decided to take my coffee by the river. Honestly – I can’t think of a better way to start a day then to wander down to the […]

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Prologue Apologies for the misleading last blog post here on Trout Bummin. Indeed I was gone from working until November 2019, but it appears by the lack of activity on this little slice of the internet, the post should have been titled Gone Til Next Year. During my time away from work between July and […]

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Gone Til November

In the fall of 1995, when I enrolled at the University of Washington, I was issued a “telnet account” which empowered me to use UW developed Pine to check my email account. This was my first brush with the Internet, and at pecking obscure commands into a black terminal window, and having information come streaming […]

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The Pool

Next pool Alejandro would say when it was time to move up river to the next likely holding spot of a wild zebra troot. And so went the hours spent among the grandeur that is the Spanish Pyrenees mountains… slowly walking upstream to the next pool, casting dry flies to wild fish. My recent trip […]

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Lately life has greeted me with many challenges. Between stress from big projects at work, to the seemingly never-ending events for our kids, it has been a challenge to find space and time to just be. But amidst it all – I’ve tried to keep things in perspective, and remind myself that each day – […]

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At The River

Three months deep into a new year, and a quick self retro shows I have yet to post anything here. Life moves fast. Work, kids, gymnastics dad life, playing outside… it all blurs together. But sometimes you have to remember to just spend some time At The River, and just immerse oneself in the present. […]

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