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Crawford Camp 2023 / Ísland


We will be flying from Portland to Reykjavík – the capital city of Iceland. We will probably spend a day in the city, then venture out to explore the country from a camper fan. Honestly I don’t know all the details yet. That is kind of part of the fun. Getting to dream about the adventure.

Oh you are going to need one of those too! We will start the passport application process soon, so you can have your very first passport for your trip to Iceland!

Part of this process you will have to get a photo taken for your passport. Yass, you’ll look gorgeous!

van life

This is how mom and I were planning on traveling the country, so I figured we should just go with that idea too. We will get a sprinter style rental van, and drive around the country camping – kinda like we do here at home. We’ll go see waterfalls, and hot springs, and visit odd little stores and stuff. Maybe we will see one of the little people that live in the rocks there.

I will use this page to collect details about our trip. Just like I would do for a meetup 🙂