A Weekend on East Lake

This past Friday I loaded up the family – and extended family ( in-laws in tow too ) and headed up to Cinder Hill Campground on East Lake.  Since I typically wake with the sunrise, I had told my super fishy buddy Josh to meet me on the water around 5:30am for what we hoped to be a great day on the water.

Alpenglow and Moon over Paulina Peak

Alpenglow and Moon over Paulina Peak

Morning frost covered my pontoon as I geared up for the day and I already could see Josh out trolling the shallows along the eastern side of the lake.  My boots were back home in the garage so I stepped out into the cold morning mater in the stocking-feet of my waders.

Too cold to cast – I tied on a bugger with a PT dropper and began to troll in hopes the rowing would warm me up in the 36 degree air.  Within a few minutes my rod went tight – but as soon as the fight had started the dropper snapped and a slight curse rose through the morning din.

Things continued to fish slow for the next hour until Josh informed me he had gotten a good hit on an ice cream cone – hopeful for action I tied one on and cast ahead of me into the shallows.  On the first small strip in – the bobber dove down and game was on!

The 7# was delightfully bent as I kicked away from the charging trout.  No aerobatics during the fight so I figured it must have been a large brown on the end of the line.  And within minutes the site of the 20″ brown in my net provided the much needed warmth and stoke to keep the day rolling.

My Friend the Mayfly

My Friend the Mayfly

Good action was had throughout the morning on Ice Cream Cones and as the day heated up a solid Callibaetis hatch brought the party to the top water.  Many a 16″ + rainbow were brought to the net – as Josh said – nothing beats landing a big rainbow on a dry fly.

Big Hen Tricked Again

Big Hen Tricked Again

After some time with the family for dinner – and the requisite marshmallow roast – I was tempted by rising fish along the waters edge at dusk.  A few smaller rainbows were caught prior to calling it a day from the bank – All in all an amazing day.

East Lake

East Lake

The next morning I attempted to recreate the magic of the prior day but stronger winds and not-so-cooperative fish won out.  Besides a cup of coffee and a warm father’s day breakfast with my kids was a wonderful catch as well.


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I reside in lovely Bend, Oregon with my wife and two girls, and of course the requisite two mutts. By day I am an Automattician, and by night and on the weekends... I keep it real.