Month: September 2014

I had yet to sleep a weekend evening in my own bed the entire month… so eager to keep the streak alive we packed up the trailer and headed south to Summer Lake Hot Springs. The destination is a favorite of the family, but my littlest girl Teagan is turning four tomorrow, and it was […]

Last night I drove back down to our favorite camp along the Upper Deschutes river, to grab the boat ( hard to tow a trailer and a boat at the same time ), and the memories of the weekend swelled up from the banks of the river and washed over me with great emotion. The […]

On a calm night from the room I call my office, I can hear the Deschutes River rushing by in the canyon below. I’m fortunate enough to be able to string up my rod in my driveway, and walk a block down the street and be standing by its rushing currents within five minutes. Life […]