Pieces Left Behind

Last night I drove back down to our favorite camp along the Upper Deschutes river, to grab the boat ( hard to tow a trailer and a boat at the same time ), and the memories of the weekend swelled up from the banks of the river and washed over me with great emotion.

The camp which had been bustling just hours before with children and good friends was now still, only the sound of the river flowing and the breeze in the ponderosa pines filled the air. The feeling is hard to explain, but a saying I read in Yosemite sums it up pretty well ( quoting myself here from something I wrote back in 2003 )

… one takes so much away from Yosemite, so many memories, so much joy, but because of that, you leave a piece of yourself behind in its place.

The past two weekends spent with good friends, in amazing places, pieces of me left behind – that I hope to visit with the same friends again soon.

The Lower Deschutes

The Upper Deschutes

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