Champagne Supernova


During my sophomore year of college this song, rather the entire Oasis album had a permanent home in my five disc changer.

I have no clue what a Champagne Supernova in the sky is.  The intro of the track though has the sound of water washing against a shore, and this morning as I stood next to the water I finally realized what the song was about:


The wind was howling when I left my house at 5am – I even considered bailing because I thought the lake might have been too windy.  But as I stood on the boat ramp stringing up my rod – I realized that even if I didn’t touch a fish, seeing that sunrise, that Champagne Supernova made waking up so early worth it.

But the magic of the morning continued.  A few times. Pulling, jumping and running all around my kayak.  Where were you while we were getting high?  Catching cranebows bro.  Catching cranebows.


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    Awesome man, thanks for sharing the spirit of the magic!

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