Cosmic Love

February 21st.  My nephew’s birthday.  But also it happens to be some crazy steelhead cosmic love time rift for me.  Photographic evidence of this oddity: February 21st, 2015 – 10:34 AM February 21st, 2016 – 10:37 AM This fish was caught a few minutes earlier – took a bit to find a place to anchor up. […]

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No Excuses

Sometimes you need to disregard the forecast, even if NOAA tells you it is going to rain.  Even when the USGS tells you a river is going to bump and might be blown out – no excuses – you just have to go. Fortunately I was able to convince some good friends to disregard the […]

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The Winner Is

I listen to this song often – looped – while pecking away at my keyboard and querying my brain for solutions that it thinks is elegant for a problem.  Although the solutions returned from my noggin aren’t always the most amazing ( and are downright scary months later ) – this song gets me into […]

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All I Know

Gotta get away…. ‘fore I lose my mind That lyric is dramatic, but sometimes you just do have to get away.  All I know is that the fact Becky and I were both sick when my parents arrived in Bend last Friday – we were not going to let that prevent us from getting away. So […]

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