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Gotta get away…. ‘fore I lose my mind

That lyric is dramatic, but sometimes you just do have to get away.  All I know is that the fact Becky and I were both sick when my parents arrived in Bend last Friday – we were not going to let that prevent us from getting away.

So with what little was left of Becky’s voice, and my lingering cough, we packed up and headed Southbound towards one of our favorite Winter haunts.


There is something about this high desert basin that keeps me coming back.  It truly is a place to get away.  No crowds.  No lift lines.  Just an expanse of sky, a snow lined rim, and my best friend(s).


And a lovely little river runs through it all.  Weaving between dunes and pastures.  Sometimes it feels like you are casting into the sky.


Memories seem to lurk around ever corner here.  This particular spot and photo was an exact spot where I took a photo of Sampson as a puppy.  It has become a tradition to re-create the photo each year.


And taking the time to get away here with one you love ensures more memories will be found on my next visit.


Sampson even guides me to the right spots on the river, picks out a fly for me, and puts me on top of feisty trout.


All I know is – I can’t wait to go back.


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for helping make it happen <3.

5 comments on “All I Know

  1. Josh R. says:

    Did you have to get a two-pole endorsement on your license for that second-to-last photo?

    1. Courtesy of Becky’s poopy android camera. Those little fish fight huge and jump high. High desert steelhead!

  2. jeffgolenski says:

    Absolutely in love this location. I must visit!

    1. Best time of the year for this part of Oregon is Winter or Fall. Spring can be pretty buggy, and it is just dang hot out there in the summer time. There is some nice color out there in the fall, but nothing like you get back on the right coast 😉

      1. jeffgolenski says:

        From what I understand, you all have much much much more land than we do. haha. Seemingly so in these photos!

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