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I could spend a lifetime figuring it out
I’m going through changes now
That have just begun
Under a purple sun

There’s many reasons
we are
what we’ve become

The song is definitely worth a listen, or ten, the lyrics and music are lovely.  Spring is a time of change.  Last weekend I took my little daughters camping up near Grass Valley.  This smile on Teagan’s face sums it up:


Lately I have found myself just staring at her and Kaydee – as they change every day – so quickly.  We all change every day, but with youth it seems the changes are stuck on fast forward… so I try to remind myself everyday to just enjoy that day with them… because they will change.

I think they girls really enjoyed the weekend too.  I found this drawing on Kaydee’s desk yesterday:


While walking along the river yesterday, I slowed down a bit and looked closely for some of the other changes that happen with Spring.  I’m blessed to be able to live so closely to the beautiful Deschutes, and to be able to walk the same section almost everyday has made my love for the river grow deeper.  The life it sustains, and the beautiful little changes are amazing:


I took the rock home with me to reference the size of the nymphs and the adult stonefly.  I tried to get the adult to climb onto my finger for a closer look, but she apparently did not want to play.

With my trusty rock in hand – I took to the vise after dinner and whipped up something that kinda sorta looked like the change I had observed earlier.


Kind of copper john-ish, but instead of a full wire abdomen, I went with my favorite black ice dub, and for the thorax mixed in a little purple.  A simple wing case made of thin skin and some Sally Hansens Hard as Nails ( that yes I stole from the girls ) on a size 10 hook with a tungsten bead.

Then I wandered back down to the river – this time with my rod and the new fly in tow.  After a few casts my face looked much like Teagan’s did flying the kite.  Change is beautiful.  I look forward to spending the rest of my life figuring it out.

2 comments on “Changes

  1. Robert Felty says:

    I love the picture from your daughter! It’s awesome that you’re giving them a love of nature.

    1. Thanks Rob!

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