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Last week I drifted between time zones, job roles, state lines, and states of mind.  More than once I awoke in the middle of the night, typically after the first drift off to sleep – and my mind would struggle to find where I had drifted too, and when it was.  Fortunately my mind, and body drifted back to Oregon, and into another amazing weekend with those I love.

The girls and I headed back to a familiar camping locale – hoping to not encounter as many ticks this go, but eager to get away from the throngs of camping crowds, hook a fish or twenty, and possibly catch a jack russell terrier with a kite again.


Gummy Candy, Bullets and Trucks.  New Age Oregon Trail Stuff.

Indeed the cure for my drifting mind was to head out into the grass lands of North Central Oregon, and let the gusts of wind set the course right.  Kayaking around the lake with all three of my girls, taking in the sites and hooking 20 inch trout helped as well.


Sunsets with Friends

Sometimes the drift can go too far though.  Like when you think it is a good idea to take your 70lb wunder mutt and your 15 lb kite-chasing terrier out in the kayak with you to fish.  Like when the little dog jumps out of the boat.  Like when your paddle falls out of the boat while performing a valiant rescue of the little dog.

Drifting away from the paddle.  Wet dog in lap.  Your mind thinks it would be a good idea to strip off clothes and jump over to swim back to the paddle.  Never mind the dogs will jump in after you.  Fortunately a pretty girl jumped in another boat and came to my rescue.


<3 My Hero

Never drift too far from the ones you love, and especially the ones that save you from doing stupid(er) stuff in boats with dogs.  Keep them close.  They will always be there for you when you forget where you are, because they quickly remind you why you are.

No dogs were harmed in the creation of this blog post.  Only my ego.  PSA: Always use a paddle leash.

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