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Some people choose to spend the “final” weekend of summer at the beach.  Others herald the opening weekend of college football with a back yard bbq.  The Crawfords of Bend – they opted to spend the weekend camping in a pasture full of black cows.


Black Cow – Photo by Kaydee

Wamic, Oregon was the exact location of said pasture.  But this is not just any normal pasture filled with cattle, and their “shtuf”, this one has a pond filled with a myriad of fish, riding lawnmower races across the street ( more on that later ), and decent views.


Sunrise on the Pasture – Photo by Becky

It seems regardless of the location though – we always have a fine time camping together.  Wamic sits on a scenic plateau nestled against the edge of the Mt. Hood National forest – and a quick drive away from Maupin and the Deschutes Canyon.

On our first day we did a quick day hike to Boulder Lake in the Hood NF.  The temps at the lake were in the 50s, so we had a quick lunch and headed back to camp before I could consider launching my float tube and searching for brookies.  Sometimes the best memories you can catch at a lake are photos though.



And that evening we got to experience the Wamic Riding Lawnmower races, and they are just as fantastic as they sound.  Men, women, and kids hauling arse around a track on suped-up lawnmowers.  ‘Murica.


Mt. Hood, Lawnmowers. Photo by Becky

Pickups and lawn chairs line up along the road across from the track.  Drinks flowed, as did the country music from various Fords and Chevys along the line-up.  Nascar doesn’t have culture like this.


A little fishing took place too.  Fishing was slow, but still fun to have a little pond all to ones self – well sometimes the cows are looking at you, secretly judging your casting skills, or lack thereof.


Bassmaster – Photo by Becky



After a morning session, kickin the ball – Photo by Becky

And as always – a good time was had by all.



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