Get up Stand Up

Burning out of control
That won’t help
see’mon, see’mon…
Get Up, Stand Up

Get Up, Stand Up by Toots and The Maytals

It seems there is no shortage of causes to rally behind today in the United States.  Tune into any media outlet, and one can easily find something to get fired up about.  Regardless of one’s political leanings, we should all be proud we live in a place where we can stand behind what we believe in, and take action for change.

Granted there are many things to stand up for on a national level, there is one major cause close to home that I am ready to fight for: The Lower Deschutes.

I recently read The Death of Celilo Falls, and I absolutely do not want my generation to allow a similar tragedy happen to native fish habitat on the Deschutes River.  One could easily argue the damage has already been done, but we now have the opportunity to ensure we usher the Deschutes into a period of healing, not further harm.

Standing up for clean cold water can be a daunting task, but little steps and actions taken by us all can make a difference.  Educate your peers about the issues, talk to kids about the importance rivers and salmon play in a healthy ecosystem, pick up some trash, donate some money, stay informed, and share the video above.  Whatever you do, don’t let the decline further on our watch.

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