Month: March 2017

Yesterday I went to visit some Old Friends┬á( <– you really should open that in another tab and give it a listen ), with one of my best friends. ┬áSmith Rock is a magical place – not certain how else to explain it. ┬áMy first years living in Central Oregon I spent countless hours at […]

From time to time I post things to this blog on accident. ┬áReason being, I’m fortunate enough to work alongside 500+ amazing people around the world to make WordPress and other Internet things a bit more awesome each day. Right now I’m working on the post editor and crafting many test posts. So to apologize […]

Well perhaps the title should read: 40 Year Dream – but the song is called 40 Day Dream, and really – my 40th birthday kind of felt like a day dream. ┬áLike many weekends in the winter, the one that occupied my birthdate happened to be one that required us to be away from home […]