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From time to time I post things to this blog on accident.  Reason being, I’m fortunate enough to work alongside 500+ amazing people around the world to make WordPress and other Internet things a bit more awesome each day.

Right now I’m working on the post editor and crafting many test posts. So to apologize for my “Yo” test post from yesterday, here is a picture of my best buddy Sampson by the river.


The errant post was a nice reminder to step away from the screen and go outside!

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3 comments on “All Apologies

  1. jeffgolenski says:

    I rather liked that freestyle you did in that post the other day.

    1. Ha, well the truth of the post is, I needed to write this post to test more things. I find actually writing on real subjects to be a better dogfooding experience then the “yo yo yo” jibberish.

  2. Good to hear from you, no matter the topic.

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