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Growing up in the Seattle area in the 90’s was quite amazing.  The region was massively less-populated than the King County of today – traffic back then would be considered a delight to many now I’m certain.  Fortunately I had some parents that trusted me enough to do things like drive to the Kitsap Peninsula and watch rock shows.

I still remember Chris Cornell smashing his guitar at the end of the set, and throwing the body into the mosh pit.  Having music like that of Soundgarden as a soundtrack for your teenage years was so fitting.  The grit matched the grey of the skies – and the lyrics spoke to me back then, and still do today.

Life is a fragile thing, be sure you spend it doing things you love.

Hanging out with kindegartners this year on a monthly “Forest Day” field trip has also reminded me just that – that life moves quick and you need to slow down and make sure you are enjoying it.  One thing the kids do each forest day is to go to their “Sit Spot” and be still – as much as a 5/6 year old can – and soak in all the things around them using all senses.

It was wonderful to hear their comments after sit spots… neat to experience the changes alongside them throughout the seasons.  To me, spending time on the river is just like having my own Sit Spot.  And today I did just that, visited the Deschutes in a new season.  The banks were alive with salmonflies taking care of business, and eager trout waiting for them to fall from the rocks along the bank.


I hope to try to find more time in my favorite sit spots as the spring turns towards summer… and more eager trout too.

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2 comments on “Say Hello To Heaven

  1. Josh R. says:

    The last third of Say Hello to Heaven, from the end of the guitar solo through the last verse and chorus, is as representative of that time musically for me as anything else. Standing in my room screeching “SAYHELLOTOHEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEEEEN!!!” with the stereo up way too loud. Good times.

  2. Robert Felty says:

    One of the requirements for the Environmental Science merit badge in Boy Scouts is to do a certain number of hours of field observation – just sitting in nature and observing. Also a great experience. We should all take some time to do this more frequently.

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