Just A Girl

Just A Girl, that is showing that every one of us that you can make a positive change in the world around us.  Just A Girl that I am so very proud of. Just My Girl, Kaydee Rose.

This morning a photographer and a reporter from the Bend Bulletin stopped by the house to hear her story; a 9 year old girl helping out something she cares for – one sticker at a time.  Kaydee has always been a shy kid, but it filled me with all the proud vibes to watch her talk to the reporter about her project.

Oregon Paws

About 3 weeks ago, she ( with a tiny bit of help from me ), launched her website https://oregonpaws.blog and began selling Oregon Paw Print stickers for $5 each.  Since then, she has sold 100+ stickers, raised over $350 for local animal shelters, and already delivered $100 in supplies to one.

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A girl and her dog 🐾🐾❤️♥️

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Beyond the swelling parental pride here, seeing kids like Kaydee and her sister Teagan getting involved in the community via Girl Scouts, and doing little things daily like picking up trash genuinely gives me hope for our world.  As Kaydee said to the reporter today, “Any small thing can change the world, like picking up a piece of trash”.

In times like these where negativity fills our electronic eyes every minute, I hope we can all take this message from her, even if she is Just A Girl – because if we all set out to change the world like this girl, it would definitely be a better place.

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