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Three months deep into a new year, and a quick self retro shows I have yet to post anything here. Life moves fast. Work, kids, gymnastics dad life, playing outside… it all blurs together. But sometimes you have to remember to just spend some time At The River, and just immerse oneself in the present.

And I was lucky enough to sneak away for an afternoon this past weekend, and just let the speed of life slow down, and take in the moments.

Always remember to keep looking up.

The snow had melted enough to allow access to a section of river I don’t fish often. I only encountered one other angler, and a few hikers. I also ran across a couple of locals.

Heyyyy buddy!

When you slow down and look around, it is easy to find magic nearly everywhere.

I believe this is a March Brown mayfly

Followed up this great day on the water, with an equally wonderful day with my girls up on the ski hill. My heart is full.

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