sunday best

feeling good, like i should, went and took a walk around the neighborhood.
feeling blessed, never stressed, got that sunshine on my sunday best.

Sunday Best

Having tween-aged daughters means I have the opportunity to listen to a great deal of pop music. This can be a blessing and a curse. But the lyric above, and the song its from is just one of those ear bugs that I can’t shake. It’s a simple, repetitive, summertime vibe – and dang it, we need more of that right now.

This morning I did take a walk around the neighborhood – well the broader “river ‘hood” of Bend. Met up with a friend on the Fall River, and did some fishing right at sunrise. That is the medicine I need to try and be never stressed – or more like to cope with the stress that is facing us all everywhere we look these days.

I hope you can find your outside and get some sunshine on your sunday best too.

Fall River Headwaters
Spring Fed Chillin
Met some locals.

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