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I’ve managed to get out on the water few early mornings and later evenings this week. And on one of these recent evenings I made the odd choice to take out the phone and record a little video clip summarizing my adventures.

While I have dabbled a bit with making vlog-style videos before – I always feel like such a creep when doing so. I definitely think what the hell am I doing here? when recording the selfie footie. Anyhow, as you can hear me mumble oddly in my video below – I figured it might be fun to capture the moments, so my daughters can watch them and have a good laugh someday 🤣

But before the video, how about some photos from around the ‘hood?

Tuesday morning I woke up quite early, and drove up to the mountains and found some dawn solitude on Hosmer Lake. Had a few bites, but nothing came to hand – but it was most definitely a morning that was meant for catching views instead of fish.

This photo was taken using the “night mode” on my Pixel 2XL camera. I love the ripples on the water film, and of course Mt. Bachelor throwing some shade on the scene too.

After I kicked my tube out further into the lower pool of the lake, a small rain storm moved through the area. Sitting on a lake, which on any given summer afternoon is packed with people, by yourself at sunrise with a light rain falling is sublime. Moments like this are why I fish.

Looks like there is a little patch of snow left on the West face of Bachelor.

Last night I just had a little bit of daylight left after making dinner to get down to the river for a few casts. We had quite a bit of smoke settled into the river canyon which made for some lovely light, and a hot-pink sunset.

And if you are curious at all about how the fishing was, or want to hear my call myself a goober ( twice ) – here ya go.

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2 comments on “Creep

  1. Robert Felty says:

    I can’t seem to get the video to play.

    1. Timmy Crawford says:

      Thanks for the comment Rob – ironically enough – I know why it isn’t working. There is a bug in the plan I’m using around videos. Guess I should try and fix that eh?

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