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The other day I found myself in a familiar place, Lookin’ Out My Back Door ( I think I could appear in that video and fit right in now with my awesome long hair 🤣 ) and playing on the Deschutes River, and the universe gave me a sign. At my feet on some rocks I saw the following:

Write More Dude!

So instead of scrawling down something with the Ticonderoga #2 – I have opted instead to share some thoughts and sights that have been happening in my world as of late.

I’m still fishing. The streak is alive and well – though the winds lately have been challenging, and it appears winter-like weather is finally coming to Central Oregon. But I plan on still making my daily pilgrimage to some water and throwing a line out. It is a daily meditation – an act of hope – and a way to constantly remind me that I am of nature and my inner being needs to be a part of nature often.


I was The Dude for Halloween. I even put on the sweater, and acted the part in a Zoom presentation to a good number of folks at work last week. I’ve always enjoyed acting, and the world needs more reasons to laugh right now. If I can help supply some of those laughs, I think I’m abiding like The Dude.

Speaking of Dude, in many ways I think I have taken on many Dudeisms in the wild times of 2020. While I have yet to join a bowling team, and no rugs in my house have been urinated on by strangers – I do find this part of the intro monologue to The Big Lebowski resonating with me lately:

And I’m talkin’ about the Dude here–
sometimes there’s a man who, well,
he’s the man for his time’n place,
he fits right in there–and that’s the Dude

The Big Lebowski

Anymore that is all any of us can do, just try our best to fit right in during these times. We all are in a very unique time’n place and I suppose I’m just trying my best each day to fit right in with this life, and in my physical environment, and live it as well as I can. And of course, just keep fishing.

This morning I took my buddy Sampson with me to the river. If you are ever having a bad day, just go watch a dog by the river, or if you can, play fetch with one by the river. They know best how to live in the moment. Old Samps has no clue what an electoral college is, is blissfully unaware of viruses, but he knows so well how to enjoy just being in the moment.

Sampson also likes to lick fish when I happen to be able to trick one into biting. This morning Samps got to have a lick, and then sat in some tall grass and ate a stick. Lucky dog.

Selfies with Sampson might be my new jam.

Fishing, like bowling, has had its ups and downs, gutters and strikes lately. Water is starting to get colder, bugs are hatching less, but every so often the stars align, a tug is felt during a swing, and the worries of elections, pandemics, and all the other things that cloud my mind disappear. Stay Hopeful, and keep on fishing friends. Be kind – make someone laugh, and don’t forget to laugh at yourself.

And because this is a fishing blog, here come some fishy pics.

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  1. ec says:

    I sure enjoyed your Blog Timmers…keep up your comments so we are part of your journey. DAD

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