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That video has made the ’rounds online the past few days. Rightfully so, seems like a fitting anthem for the times.


Lately I’ve been noodling on an idea while on river wanders this week. I have been reflecting back on all the amazing friends I have made over the years that have been born from a shared love of the outdoors.

Many wonderful memories of adventures in the mountains and on crags… rafting down wild rivers, chasing fish, and sliding down snow. So I thought it might be cool to do a couple of things to celebrate my tribe and ensure more memories will be made.

The first thing I’m going to do is share a photo and some words about people who I’m lucky enough to hang with. Just to celebrate the memories and share my appreciation for them being them. So here goes.

Josh is one of my first friends I met when I moved to Bend in 2001. Our trails first crossed at Widgi Creek bouldering, and since then the shared trail has taken us to many fantastic adventures since. Crag, alpine, snow, and stream it’s been ✨


As for my other idea, I’m thinking of adding a page to my site where people can reach out if they wanted to go fish sometime. As in interwebs strangers.

Being in a country that is so divided right now, it could be a pretty cool thing to try and “cross trails” with a wide variety of people in the community. Listening to peoples journey and tales is such a rewarding experience, and connecting with others through nature is just good times.

But that’s just an idea for now. Going to put it up on the shelf for now and let it age a bit, and then come back and check in with it soon.


After a week of staring at maps with matters of blue and red, I will say I much prefer seeing those colors on the side of a trout while standing in the river with a friend.

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