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I originally was going to use the classic DMB track of Tripping Billies for my musical backdrop for today’s Thanksgiving post. The lyric of eat, drink, and be merry – for tomorrow we’ll die from that song has kind of a surreal feel to it for this 2020 version of Thanksgiving. But while listening to that song on YouTube, the sidebar reminded me of another favorite Dave Matthews track of mine – one that I used to have my Windows 98 PC play each morning as an alarm clock back when I lived in Issaquah and worked at Microsoft.

I think the reason I started my days with that track some 20+ years ago was that it kicked off each new day from a place of positivity and love. Watching the video just now, and seeing strangers hug on the streets – especially the segment where he walks into a classroom full of kids – made my eyes well up immediately.

But wow, I think this lyric is much more poignant for 2020: all you need is, what you want is, all you need is love. But it is also a bitter reminder of how many people can’t be with those they love today, and enjoy a hug. I’m so very thankful that I do get to enjoy the day, and everyday so far this year with my amazing family by my side. I do wish I could be with more of my family today, but virtual hugs will have to fill in for everyone else this year.

Anyhow, for me this was a great reminder that I always have the chance to make space and think about how I react to each situation… should I focus on the negative aspects ( i.e. 😬 will the eat, drink, and be merry of Thanksgiving result in massive outbreaks of COVID ) or should I go hug some strangers on the street and spread love? Since I can’t safely hug strangers, I’ll put this positive story and pretty pictures out there instead.

Yesterday I started off the day wandering alongside the river in the snow with my friend Phil. While I still have been fishing everyday – when I get to join a kindred spirit on the outings, it is that much more awesome. It was cold. It was snowing. And of freaking course, the W was blowing. But, I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

No grabs? Still all smiles.

I briefly had a fish on yesterday, a few seconds of some tugs and head shakes, and then the line went slack. Phil too had a brief bump on a swing, but the catch of the day was those brief moments when the morning sun lit up the snow falling around us. Life is but a dream.

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2 comments on “everyday

  1. Dan says:

    Great post! Didn’t know you lived in the quah for a while, I grew up there!

    1. Timmy Crawford says:

      I grew just over cougar mountain on somerset! Yeah I was in a townhouse right at the first stoplight ( at least I think its still the first light ) at the top of the plateau above Fred Meyer. I worked at the quah MSFT campus for a bit and that was the best commute ever!

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