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Dear Winter, so kind of you to finally show up and make things look wonderful. Woke up to about three inches of fresh snow this morning, a rarity in this mild and dry winter we have been experiencing.

The river is my happy place, and with a soft blanket of snow, it looks even more magical. The stillness and silence that snow brings creates such a peaceful vibe.

Right above the surface film of the water, midges danced in the slight afternoon breeze. And in the area below, the locals seemed to be enjoying the bug buffet.

Not many folks down on the river today, but I was still able to make a few new friends.

So grateful that the craziness of the past year has allowed me to grow a stronger connection to my home waters… Seeing it and feeling the changes through the extremes of the seasons has deepened my admiration and connection to nature.

Happy trails friends, long days and pleasant nights. 🙏

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2 comments on “Dear Winter

  1. Damn. I can hear these photos. What a magical spot. That low angle shot with the snow on the rocks—that’s ace. Glad you had a blast my friend!

    1. Timmy Crawford says:

      Thanks Jeff 🙇‍♂️ I feel very fortunate and extremely lucky to be able to call the Deschutes, and that little slice of it, my home water.

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