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In a few more weeks, I am set to get a bit closer to the supposed downward slope of a hill, or so they say. Forty Four – what a number! And those around the Crawford house have asked me a few times: What do you want for your birthday?

🙏 Join Me for February River Cleanup

Something I would love to have for my 44th birthday is for people to celebrate my birthday “with me” – by joining me this month on a mission to clean up our rivers around Central Oregon. You see, when the calendar turned to 2021, I decided to start dedicating time when I would go fishing – to put the rod down, and pickup trash in the river I’m standing in. I have always picked up trash while out fishing, but this was a bit more – on many days ( especially when the fishing is slow 🤣 ) finding trash became the primary focus of my trips to the water. It became my simple way of saying Thank You and showing a deeper respect for the rivers that give me so much.

I have picked up quite a bit of trash so far this year. I’ve discovered some really cool vintage items, old beer bottles and cans from the 50’s and 60’s, a runner from a horse sled, a metal army helmet, and a lifetime supply of golf balls ( I don’t golf, but if I did I think I’d be set ) – one hundred and sixty four golf balls in January. It is really quite sad to see such a blatant disrespect for the source of all life in our region – the mighty Deschutes River, but alas – people are just kind of suck at times.

Ya like dags and golf? Bendites really do. All of these items ( and so much more ) were pulled from the Deschutes River in January 2021

I get it, people do stupid 💩 – How can I join in?

That’s fantastic to hear! Fellow anglers and all lovers of the rivers are welcome to join! You can find trash quite easily on the side of our rivers – and in them, and all you need to do is set aside a bit of time to do a little cleanup! Fishing for an hour? Stop at quarter till the hour and get your clean-on! Then snap a picture of your haul, and share it with me! You can post it on social media of your choice and send me a link, or email me a picture using the form below, or use Facebook or what have you.

Winter is the prefect time of the year to pick trash from our popular tailwater fisheries. The Crooked, and Deschutes above Bend are all really low making trash in the river extra easy to pick!

🎁 But wait, it gets even more RAD!

Because I like to gamify things, I’m going to take my birthday money and put some prizes out there to maybe help encourage peeps to get involved, but really its just to make what is a sad situation ( trashy rivers ) and turn it into some fun. So, for each photo you post / send to me, that will equal 1 entry into the raffle drawing. Pickup trash every day of the month, you could get 28 entries ( 1 ticket per person per day limit ).

I’ll keep a google spreadsheet ( public ) with the numbers / and initials of the owner, then will do one of those random number draws at the start of March. My only requirements are that there at at least 28 tickets in the “pot”. So if I could get my goal of having other folks pickup trash in our rivers, every day this month, that would just be fantastic! If it is 2 people that both do it 14 times each – that is equally as fantastic. If we get 50 entries, OMG! Okay on to the amazing prizes

  • $100 gift certificate to your favorite local fly shop / or Restaurant
  • $50 gift certificate to your favorite local fly shop / or Restaurant
  • $25 gift certificate to your favorite local fly shop / or Restaurant
  • A vintage medicine tin fly box with a dozen flies tied by yours truly
  • maybe more?

I’m also going to give some stickers away to all participants. Design + details pending.

Prizes aside, what I hope you discover is that mindfully setting aside time to be stewards of our lovely rivers is the real gift here. Come on folks, I know you love the rivers like I do, let’s show them some love this month!

Get Some Trash? RAD!!! Let me Know the link!

Well I hope some other folks out there around Central Oregon join in on this impromptu, community experiment. While these times prevent us from gathering together to clean side-by-side, with everyone contributing a little bit each time we are out on the water, we can make a huge impact to keep the wild places we all love so much looking like they should.

And hey, some times when you pickup trash, you still catch fish!

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