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Sometimes when I seek out a song to accompany a post, I just see a song I love and roll with it. I was looking for something to be the backdrop to a story about the first night Kaydee and I camped in Marty ( that is the van’s new name by the way ), and couldn’t pass up this beautiful song.

But now that I think about it a bit more, this is such an awesome title for this post as getting the van, and all of the adventures and break-downs that come along with it really is kind of like a brand new beginning – a first day of our life hanging with Marty.

Becky had an annual camping trip planned with her teacher friends on the horizon – and it was sounding like she was keen on taking the new van. Which of course she would want to, because Marty is just sooooo dang cool!

Kaydee and I were obviously feeling a bit jealous of this forthcoming camping trip, and realized we needed to act fast to score that coveted first night camping in the van. So to celebrate July 4th, we setup camp down the street at grandma’s house ( she hasn’t moved in yet, will definitely have some posts about that soon hopefully!!! ) on Saturday night so we could spend a night under the stars in Marty.

We decided to bust out lots of our camping toys, and get the driveway campsite looking fab for some guests! So we rolled out the outdoor rugs, and setup the easy-up shelter to make things cozy for a Crawford family movie night in the great outdoors.

The latest Crood’s movie was being shown, and we enjoyed some cake and ice cream during the show. It was really quite lovely. Kaydee didn’t make it through the entire show though, and snuck into the van to go to bed around 10:30. I joined her after the movie wrapped up after 11pm, and I got cozy with my little bear in our new van for the night.

The bed was pretty comfy, though I think on future trips I’ll still roll out a camp pad. My feet do hang off the end of the bed, but this is no different then sleeping in our big trailer. Regardless, it was pretty dang cool to walk up to this view.

I adore how she still sleeps with the most important of stuffies.

We didn’t go so far to setup the curtains in the trailer, so of course I was up when the dawn started to light the sky. But I cozied up to finish a really great book that I have been reading the past few months… a perfect way to start a day.

It was a great first day with Marty and the entire fam. And I can’t wait to wake up in that van alongside peeps I love many more times in the future.

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2 comments on “First Day of My Life

  1. frosso says:

    I just stumbled in this blog. I first thought that the featured image was coming from some stock site, since it looks so perfect and so _you_ (for how much I know _you_) .
    But then I started reading this and the last few posts and I learned that the image _is_ you and comes from you!

    What a fun family you’re raising! I love how the way you write your thoughts and feelings, as you continue to grow. You got a real talent there, Timmy!

    With a bit curiosity of envy, I’m looking forward to read about your next adventures!

  2. Reuben says:

    Jelly of the new ride. Westfalias have been on my radar ever since the meetups at Smith. Good eye by the nugget!

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