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Today during a 1:1 at my new post, I shared out a link from my recent past, that brought back a rush of great memories.


This was ( I guess still is?! ) the exclusive storefront for Team Isotope merch. The team’s mascot, Isorex, is bold and in charge in the winter 2020 line. Designed to keep the team warm on a meetup in Kelowna, BC.

Isotope was the name of the team I was a proud member of at Automattic for over 3 years. Most of that time, I had the honor to act as team lead and support an amazingly diverse group of talented friends to build cool software that we got to share with the world for free.

As the pandemic wore on, and my deep burn out set in during the spring, my friends there on Team Isotope, and really the whole of the extended Woo family were a rock for me. It’s something special when you have a deep trust with people you work alongside, and you can just share with them your true feelings.

So thanks +teamisotope- and all my a8c fam from over the years. And oh my gosh, I still have so much Isotope gear! If someone would like to take over the operations let me know. Otherwise, you know the coupon code, maybe I’ll install wc-pay for shipping fees though 🤔

GIF by Food Network - Find & Share on GIPHY

And I always have room on my schedule for a catch up on zoom or a walking 1:1. Also its lovely to see familiar gravatars in the post likes lately. 👋 HI!!!!

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3 comments on “Isotope

  1. Ilyas Foo says:

    Hey hey! We surely miss you at a8c! Been stalking your blog and it’s lovely to see so many posts recently ❤️

  2. psealk says:

    > And I always have room on my schedule for a catch up on zoom or a walking 1:1

    Where’s the sign up sheet?

    1. Timmy Crawford says:

      HIT ME UP Paul! I used instagram chat/video thingy to have a catch-up with some other folks, it worked really well.

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