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In our travels the past year, I’ve been trying to slow down and really soak in the places we have been lucky enough to visit. One way I was intentional about slowing down was to spend some time with me eyes closed, and just listen to the sounds, and breathe.

So I wanted to share a few of those soundscapes here. I love how audio recording of a moment provides so much texture and depth to that slice of time. Photos are amazing,

Short Beach Sunrise

We went for a pre-dawn agate hunt on the Oregon Coast. I placed my phone on a piece of driftwood and captured this.

Little North Fork Wilson River

In the emerald green steelhead forest above the Tillamook basin, I had some simply ✨ moments. Here is one of them on the bank of a small plunge pool. Sorry for my sniff noise in there 😊

Enjoy the quiet ✌️

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2 comments on “quiet

  1. frosso says:

    Magical! I tend to forget how relentless the ocean sounds like. But one day I hope I’ll be able to live by a sea, I find the sound of waves crashing on the rocks quite calming, especially at night. Beats my living next to a highway right now 😀

    1. Timmy Crawford says:

      Really glad you liked the sounds. Yeah that particular beach is lined by cliffs so the sounds really resonate through the cove. After visiting the coast a few weeks back, I’m really feeling like someday I would like to live by the sea too.

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