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What was your favorite toy as a child?

Like all kids, I had many phases as a child. I recall being super into all things Star Wars at one point in time. My brother and I subjected Han Solo to various cryogenic freezes in our garage fridge. I also had a real fondness for Wickett the Ewok for some reason.

I also recall collecting Smurfs – some of which now hang out in our front yard in the summertime… and GI Joes, and Transformers. So many treasures that I would cherish for hours. But the one toy that I think was my favorite, the most important of them all was my original Teddy Bear.

It was a light brown color, with velvety patches on the paws and feet. It had dark eyes, and a little stitched nose with a simple mouth underneath. He had a red ribbon tied around his neck – and his fur was very matted down and likely covered with boogers and other little kid grossness because I loved it so.

On his backside was a wind-up tab, that would play this song:

As a kid I was extremely afraid of the dark. Perhaps it was the squirrels that lived in the attic near my room that would make things literally go bump in the night – or maybe it was my cousins out in California that had me convinced my Barngrandma’s house was haunted – whatever the cause of this phobia might have been… many nights I found comfort in that simple song and the companionship of that bear.

I think my mom might still have the bear – I’ll have to look next time I’m at my folks house. But closing my eyes and hearing that song is enough to bring the memories back.


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