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Who is someone that inspires you and why?

“I still can’t believe you want to be a substitute teacher”, Becky said tonight. Though she promised that she thinks I will do great at it, she can’t quite understand why I’m starting this new trail in life. So quick update on my post from earlier this week – I got my teaching license, and it looks like tomorrow will be my first day in a classroom somewhere here in Bend. 😱😊

One of the main reasons I’m doing this is simply because Becky inspires me. She obtained a masters degree, spent many hours in training – all to dedicate her career to teach children… a job that our society unfortunately doesn’t seem to value nearly enough as we should.

That dedication to helping kids amazes me. And what she and her fellow educators have been through in the face of the pandemic is simply mind blowing. Essential angels – whom already were extremely overworked and underpaid, but somehow, someway dug deeper and learned how to teach little kids over video conferencing software. AND have been taking on more and more extra duties to keep our children safe in these interesting times back at school.

On top of all of that she inspires me by her dedication to me as a partner through my challenges this past year. And as if that were not enough, she has even been navigating the wild and turbulent waters that are only ventured by the mothers that have teen aged daughters.

Wow. Becky you are rad. And super cute too. Thanks for being an inspiration and my bestie through it all.


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