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stay golden

Recently I got a text from a middle school Humanities teacher asking if I could sub. The teacher also shared that the class would be reading The Outsiders and writing their own “fake news” articles based upon real world headlines. 🙋‍♂️yes please!

The tragic journey of Ponyboy and Johnny was a favorite of mine as a youth – but it had been a few years since I read the book. So I checked it out from the library onto my Kindle and got transported back in time to revisit the Greasers and the Socs. Because I wanted to be ready to talk about this classic with the students!

During my day in the Humanities class, we were reading the drama-filled chapter four from the book – but my favorite passage of the book comes after Pony and Johnny both were amazed by a sunrise.

  “The mist was what was pretty,” Johnny said, “All gold and silver.”
“Uhmmmm,” I said, trying to blow a smoke ring.
“Too bad it couldn’t stay like that all the time.”
“Nothing gold can stay.”

And then Robert Frost’s poem Nothing Gold Can Stay is recited, which of course is where Ponyboy’s last line is from. Later in the book at a climactic moment, Johnny challenges the logic of the Frost’s poem.

I've been thinking about it, and that poem, that guy that wrote it,he meant you are gold when you're a kid, like green. When you're a kid everything is new, dawn. It's just. When just when you get used to everything it's day. Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That's gold. Keep it that way, it's a good way to be.

I concur with Johnny, I feel it. I too agree digging sunsets is gold. But I’ve been thinking lately that the real gold is noticing and being present for those little flakes of the shiny stuff among the sand and pebbles of life. I believe there is lots of those glimmering flakes around, but the routine daylight of life often prevents them from shining as they do in the dawn’s light.

So here are a few little bits of gold I’ve found lately. Shiny moments, dear friends, amazing vistas, last light.

Becky in the morning glow at White River Falls.
Phil at home in the trees.
A golden beard.
Golden lighted selfie
Anticipating golden sun to replace rain and wind. ( it didn’t, but I still fished )
Last golden rays of light.
Peace is golden.

Stay golden friends. 🌟

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3 comments on “stay golden

  1. frosso says:

    > the class would be reading The Outsiders and writing their own “fake news” articles based upon real world headlines

    lol that sounds like the fun kind of homework! 😀 shine on, Timmy! 🌟

  2. Robert Felty says:

    I remember reading the Outsiders in sixth grade. Our teacher chose a different book for each kid to read. I really thought it was going to be stupid, but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I remember being pretty disappointed by the movie version.

    I think you are absolutely right that we need to enjoy the golden moments. One thing I enjoy about this time of year is the frequent beautiful sunrises which I can enjoy while getting the kids ready for school.

  3. Rua Haszard says:

    S E Hinton hit me hard as a young teen, I think I read Tex first, and That Was Then This Is Now really affected me. Keen to revisit, I don’t think I studied any at high school, though my son recently did the Outsiders so we watched the film with him.

    Getting to watch a film with your kid is golden.

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