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Today, during lunch, I was walking along in the hallway and was stopped by a group of students wanting to teach me a dance. Building on my solid griddy – this dance was a snap. I didn’t realize that this was a rehearsal for a forthcoming TikTok performance. We nailed it on the third take.


On the same hallway outing, another student had her phone out and was showing her friends a picture. She then said “Mr. Timmy I have something to show you.” And she turned the screen my way, and there was a CUTE one day old goat, under the glow of heat lamps.

She then shared that each year she names one of the baby goats after a teacher. And that cute little goat on the screen – his name is Timmy.


And then there was the donut party in third period. Students in this class had earned “frankcoin” for hard work and good deeds, and instead of cashing it in for their own treat – they “gave” it to the class. So today I was delivering on my end of the deal by bringing donuts in exchange for their six frankcoin.

I also gave them the option of either watching the planned view of John Adams from HBO – or something from Disney+. Frozen was chosen, and apparently I was moved by hearing eighth graders sing along of Do You Want to Build a Snowman that I got up to dance and sing with a student during Let it Go in front of the class.


But the one moment that flooded my heart with hope and the glow of kindness – was when one of my advisory students stopped me on my way out the door at the end of the day.

During advisory this morning, I shared that someone I care about isn’t feeling well. And I asked if anyone has ever felt really sad, or depressed… I raised my hand and said I definitely have. I looked around the room and saw so many kids nodding in agreement.

So I said if anyone felt like doing some art during our “Friday Free Day” they could consider drawing something for Mr. Timmy’s friend who is sad. And the student had stopped me to give me the little card she had finished for me to send.


No fish, but amazing views, and happy paws.
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