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I have done poorly at writing lately. Rather, I have done poorly at blogging the past spell. I have been doing a great deal of writing, the kind that comes with compiling daily history lessons for 7th and 8th graders. Tomorrow is the last day of school.

I have done well at fishing every day. So the daily casts that started back on March 25, 2020 are still going strong. Eight-hundred-and-thirteen days. So grateful to live in a place where I can quickly immerse myself in nature, and treasure the present moment.


Last evening I had the fortune of chatting with our neighbors. I had just finished finishing so I had a fresh fishing report to share… how wonderful are in-person reports? No internet, just telling tales of adventures to friends.

Excuse my rambling, but during that conversation my neighbors expressed their wonder at my fishing streak. And they said “you should have a blog about this!” I thought it was kind of a fun idea.

Today I volunteered to be in the dunk tank during the 8th grade graduation party. Kaydee got to throw the first few balls, and after missing, she just… well I’ll get a video of that for tomorrow.


So here goes to keeping a few more notes about the trails covered, the fish reports of course, and maybe some lessons from the classroom. It would be fun to have others follow along.

Be kind to yourself. ‘Til 814 ✌️


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