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Seasons change. Today was the last day of 8th grade for Kaydee, headed to High School in the fall… and Teagan will be a 6th grader at HDMS.

My first “last day of school” as a teacher… all. the. feels. Being able to share in Kaydee’s 8th grade experience is simply the greatest Father’s Day gift like ever. Srsly.

✨ moment

I have been pondering some possible paths the past few days. While making my daily 2nd cup of coffee in the classroom before, I asked Kaydee what she thinks I should do. Her reply was simple, but wise:

Dad, you’re happy when you teach.


Mrs. Crawford and soon-to-be middle-schooler Teagan rode bikes to school today. That is a pretty rad way to spend a final day at school together.

The fishing yielded no takes to my dry fly tonight. Instead I sat and watched the nighthawks dance above the river.

Till 815 – be kind!

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