Greetings fisherpeople!  My name is Timmy Crawford – and you have reached my very own fly fishing blog.  I used to spew about my fishing stuff on social networks ( and in bars where fish caught grew by lbs – not inches ) and I figured it might be more fun to have a blog dedicated to my fishing-related adventures.

So here it is!  I live in lovely Bend, Oregon with my wife, two crazy daughters, and two mutts – one of them has a beard.  I work at an amazing company which powers this site.  I am a developer on the editing tools and stats systems here at WordPress.com, so I apologize if from time to time an errant test post ends up on my blog 🙂

I also made some cool stickers, if you’d like one, please check them out:

Fish Oregon Sticker

You love Oregon and you love Fish, so get yourself this super awesome sticker to show your love! Deluxe uv-coated, die-cut sticker – perfect for your fly box, water bottle, flask, or forehead. If you are a true trout bum and don’t have the coin to buy a sticker – pickup trash at your local river or lake and send me a picture and I will get you a free sticker.


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7 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey Elliott – glad you like the sticker. Do you have some already? I have been thinking about making hats. Drop me an email at timmydcrawford – gmail – com if you are interested in being on a wait list.

  1. I’m heading on a fishing trip next Friday in Idaho. Wanted to buy 12 hats for the crew that’s going with me. Too bad you don’t have hats in stock. Let me know if you ever create and hats.

  2. Actually a week from Thursday. Looking for a structured hat with a mesh back and a “snap back”. Like the hat in your picture! 🙂 Make sense?

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