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Gotta get away…. ‘fore I lose my mind That lyric is dramatic, but sometimes you just do have to get away.  All I know is that the fact Becky and I were both sick when my parents arrived in Bend last Friday – we were not going to let that prevent us from getting away. So […]

Some local boys from Central Oregon have kicked out yet another great edit.  This video footage is from Eastern Oregon, but looks like they hit it after a storm and things were a bit blown out and rough on the fishing – still the scenery is amazing. Nice work Joe Cima and all the Mountain […]

As we headed East on Friday the strong winds made driving difficult and made me question our sanity for attempting to fish in the midst of a warm winter storm.  While tying flies that evening the 30+ mph winds made the trees outside of the trailer roar like a jet engine. At least we had […]