The Winner Is

I listen to this song often – looped – while pecking away at my keyboard and querying my brain for solutions that it thinks is elegant for a problem.  Although the solutions returned from my noggin aren’t always the most amazing ( and are downright scary months later ) – this song gets me into […]

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Back to the song as a post meme, just because.  But also because there is always the moment when I’m walking Sampson alongside of a river, and he simply comes undone. Its like the excite is too much for his noggin to handle, and he attempts to fly.  I fear for my knees when this happens […]

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If I Wood, Could You?

Continuing my music-oriented post meme – the title of this post is a riff on this jam from my grunge-infused high school days.  Feel free to listen along while reading.   The Klamath basin – home of monster rainbow trout, swarms of insects, and beautiful vistas like this: source: But during yet another heat wave […]

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Sometimes you just need to simplify things. Leave the boat at home. No need for a float tube or a sinking tip. No bobbers. Floatant – nope. Waders and boots? Meh. A handful of jig flies and small dropper nymphs, a nice long rod, and some familiar water filled with large boulders, logs and swift […]

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Three Keepers In The Boat

Some days on the river aren’t measured in fish brought to hand.  They are a success the moment the boat slips into the current under a bright blue sky. But the excitement of it all sometimes makes you pull over and play in the mud, and let four legged passengers relieve themselves. And back in […]

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Two Trips Around The Sun

2 years ago we adopted a little black ball of energy named Sampson. He was 7 weeks old and our first night together we camped at Mt. Bachelor. Here is a favorite snap of him on our first fishing trip together at the Ana River And two years later here we are again Here’s to […]

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Pieces Left Behind

Last night I drove back down to our favorite camp along the Upper Deschutes river, to grab the boat ( hard to tow a trailer and a boat at the same time ), and the memories of the weekend swelled up from the banks of the river and washed over me with great emotion. The […]

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