Prologue Apologies for the misleading last blog post here on Trout Bummin. Indeed I was gone from working until November 2019, but it appears by the lack of activity on this little slice of the internet, the post should have been titled Gone Til Next Year. During my time away from work between July and […]

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The Pool

Next pool Alejandro would say when it was time to move up river to the next likely holding spot of a wild zebra troot. And so went the hours spent among the grandeur that is the Spanish Pyrenees mountains… slowly walking upstream to the next pool, casting dry flies to wild fish. My recent trip […]

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Lately life has greeted me with many challenges. Between stress from big projects at work, to the seemingly never-ending events for our kids, it has been a challenge to find space and time to just be. But amidst it all – I’ve tried to keep things in perspective, and remind myself that each day – […]

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Put a Light On

Monday afternoon I traveled Eastbound, to that little slice of Oregon where the Pacific Time Zone yields to Owyhee Time as my friend Justin calls it. A land where onions litter the side of the roads, and massive brown trout yard themselves out of froggy water to grab midges during crisp fall mornings. The sun didn’t rise […]

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A Higher Place

We gotta get to a higher place And I hope we all arrive together We gotta get to a higher place If we want to survive the weather A Higher Place – Tom Petty That cassette tape got played quite a bit in the old Ford Ranger back in the day. Facing the news today coming […]

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Gold Laces

I boarded the Iceland Air flight from Copenhagen late on a Monday night, and during the entire trip, the jet chased the final Gold Laces of light in the West. The sun had yet to set in Iceland when I landed just before midnight… a crazy thing to experience, and I was immediately thankful it […]

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40 Day Dream

Well perhaps the title should read: 40 Year Dream – but the song is called 40 Day Dream, and really – my 40th birthday kind of felt like a day dream.  Like many weekends in the winter, the one that occupied my birthdate happened to be one that required us to be away from home […]

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House of the Rising Sun

A few times a year I get the chance to travel to interesting places for work.  Earlier this month, I joined my team in New Orleans for a week of time spent working together on projects and exploring the sights, sounds, and deep cultural history of this amazing city. On some of these work trips, I pack […]

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Shadow Of The Season

Over the past month, winter has done its best to turn Bend Oregon into a real-life version of Arendale.  Most of my spare time was spent shoveling snow into piles, clearing the roof of snow, and then shoveling those piles into more piles.  Roofs collapsed, schools were canceled for almost 2 weeks straight, and cabin […]

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Black Cow

Some people choose to spend the “final” weekend of summer at the beach.  Others herald the opening weekend of college football with a back yard bbq.  The Crawfords of Bend – they opted to spend the weekend camping in a pasture full of black cows. Wamic, Oregon was the exact location of said pasture.  But this […]

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