Garage Sale

Welcome to Timmy’s virtual garage sale! Periodically I will post fishing items here for sale that I no longer am really using. Being an angler, I’m sure you understand how this works… you buy some of my used gear via PayPal, I ship it to you. You get stoked to have new gear, and I go buy someone else’s gear with the $ 🙂

I am open to trades, just contact me and let me know what you are thinking. Also feel free to haggle on the prices, because we all a Each order will likely receive complimentary other fly fishing crap treasures that are kicking around my garage. Just think, you might get some fly tying material, a used fly box, or a sweet sticker along with your new stuff!


Grey’s Streamflex 10′ 5#

Up for grabs is a Grey’s Streamflex 10′ 5# rod. I acquired this from eBay, and really haven’t used it much. Is a nice nymphing rig being 10′. Note some of the eye wrappings are a tad-bit loose ( see pic above ) – doesn’t affect performance or fish-ability of the rod.  Comes with rod tube and sock. Price includes shipping via USPS.


Redington CPX Switch 11’3″ 7#

Switch it up ( HAR ) with this super nice Redington CPX 11’3″ 7 weight rod. I primarily used this rod while attempting to catch steelhead on the Deschutes. I would use it to nymph and swing, and you should too! Price includes shipping via USPS. Comes with rod tube - no sock - a massive whitefish stole the sock.


Greys GS 10′ 7#

Another solid steelhead nymph rod, or even a good lake rod with some backbone. This Greys GS 10′ 7# comes naked – no sock, no tube. Thats how it arrived one day on my doorstep, naked and ready to fish. Price includes USPS shipping.


Umpqua Ledges 650 Pack

From my fanny to yours, this lightly used fishing pack is ready for a new home.There is a small tear on the front side of the pack, but it just shows that you are gnar and mean business when on the water. If somebody considers low-holing you, they will see this small hole and think twice, and will probably still low hole you, but at least they consider not doing it. For better pictures and full deets, you can read-up on the fanny here – they call it a “WAIST PACK”, but I like to keep it old school: > Price includes shipping via USPS


Fishpond Fanny

Another fanny pack! This one is smaller than the other, which makes it like a ninja fly fishing fanny pack... one that you should wear when stealth is key. Perhaps this makes it ideal for Tenkara anglers, because they like to be minalmist ninjas - though you could easily rock this fanny at a local bass pond too. Price includes USPS shipping