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Just A Girl, that is showing that every one of us that you can make a positive change in the world around us. ¬†Just A Girl that I am so very proud of. Just My Girl, Kaydee Rose. This morning a photographer and a reporter from the Bend Bulletin stopped by the house to hear […]

My friend Jay Nicholas has authored many¬†amazing books over the years, but just recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help launch his biggest project yet – The Salmon Fisher’s Journal. The Salmon Journal is an intricate story built around the Chinook. The reader will learn much about fishing technique here, but the author’s infatuation with […]

I boarded the Iceland Air flight from Copenhagen late on a Monday night, and during the entire trip, the jet chased the final Gold Laces of light in the West. The sun had yet to set in Iceland when I landed just before midnight… a crazy thing to experience, and I was immediately thankful it […]

Time has been rolling by quickly as of late. ¬†My daughters finished up 3rd and Kindergarten. ¬†Summer started ( late due to snowpocalypse ), and we have already been on some great adventures. And of course I haven’t been musing about them enough here on the blog. ¬†So here are a few quick snapshots from […]

For a few years now I have been running a little web app called Cone Patrol¬†that simply notifies the snow riders of Central Oregon when there is new snow at Mt. Bachelor. ¬†Users send a text with their preferred snow amount – say 4″ of powder – and when the mountain receives four or more […]

Growing up in the Seattle area in the 90’s was quite amazing. ¬†The region was massively less-populated than the King County of today – traffic back then would be considered a delight to many now I’m certain. ¬†Fortunately I had some parents that trusted me enough to do things like drive to the Kitsap Peninsula […]

Spring is upon us, and¬†for the most part, the Snow is Gone from most¬†spots. ¬†This also means that many anglers¬†have the¬†itch¬†to get out on the water. ¬†And as the rush of spring flows subsides in our favorite streams, the high water lines will likely be littered with trash from seasons past. Flip flops, beer cans, […]