Lately life has greeted me with many challenges. Between stress from big projects at work, to the seemingly never-ending events for our kids, it has been a challenge to find space and time to just be. But amidst it all – I’ve tried to keep things in perspective, and remind myself that each day – […]

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At The River

Three months deep into a new year, and a quick self retro shows I have yet to post anything here. Life moves fast. Work, kids, gymnastics dad life, playing outside… it all blurs together. But sometimes you have to remember to just spend some time At The River, and just immerse oneself in the present. […]

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Make Tiny Changes to Earth

A few weeks back a favorite musician of mine lost the battle with depression, one of his songs really resonates with me: And while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth Scott Hutchinson While I never met Scott personally, his music has inspired me quite a bit ever since Becky and I happened upon […]

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Little Secrets

All anglers have their Little Secrets – those amazing holes where the big ‘uns are. In the age of the Internet, the biggest taboo is to leak the whereabouts of these close-guarded secret spots. The most sacred of spots, at least it seems in the Pacific Northwest, are the coveted steelhead runs. There happens to be […]

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The Bucket

This morning along Lava Island on the Deschutes River, the buckets were filled up with fish netted from the side channel that is slowly drying up due to the low winter flows. While scooping up tiny sculpin and trout to transplant back in the main-stem of the river is not a permanent fix to the […]

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Every October, those that control the faucet at the head of the Deschutes River at Wickiup Dam, turn things down to begin storing water for next years irrigation needs. The photo above shows the Upper Deschutes River about a half mile below the Wickup Dam – this photo can only be taken during the height […]

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Put a Light On

Monday afternoon I traveled Eastbound, to that little slice of Oregon where the Pacific Time Zone yields to Owyhee Time as my friend Justin calls it. A land where onions litter the side of the roads, and massive brown trout yard themselves out of froggy water to grab midges during crisp fall mornings. The sun didn’t rise […]

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A Higher Place

We gotta get to a higher place And I hope we all arrive together We gotta get to a higher place If we want to survive the weather A Higher Place – Tom Petty That cassette tape got played quite a bit in the old Ford Ranger back in the day. Facing the news today coming […]

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