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For the next twenty-five days, I will be trying to tie one bespoke fly, go fish said fly, and come back here to my little online home and share it with the world. Each fly is unique – just like you and I. And each fly represents a little bundle of hope – and a good dose of fishy vibes from swimming in the Deschutes River here in Bend, Oregon.

All photos on this page are from the date the fly was tied and fished – Nov. 24, 2022


Every crazy idea has to start somewhere, so here it is. The very first fly in my initial series of 25. Tied by yours truly, on my broken vise, on Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 24, 2022. Lately I have been fishing some bigger streamers, and thought that a smaller profile might be an interesting approach. I modeled this off of a standard go-to pattern I nymph with year-round, but just a riff on a hares ear I suppose.

The hackle used in this fly, and many of mine, is from a skin that came with my initial set of fly tying tools that I found at a garage sale for $50. I have no clue how old it is, but I love this ginger colored hackle. I’ve tied so many flies with it and it just looks cool.

Size 12 nymph / streamer hook


Included With Purchase

🪝 unique, one-of-a-kind fly tied by Me, timmy c.

Of course you get the fly! I love the thought of these little magic moments I have on the river being shared by others out there in the world through these flies. Perhaps you will catch many fish with this fly, or it will live in its’ little medicine box as a reminder of a special day you had on the water.

✍️ hand-written stream-side note

All Keep Fishin Flies come with a hand-written note taken stream-side of the day I tied and fished the fly. The note will include data about the weather, if any fish were fooled by said fly, and usually some other random thoughts from yours truly.

📦 vintage medicine box

Each fly ships in a vintage pill box. To me, fly fishing is medicine – one I strive to have a daily dose of. I often will pack a few extra flies in old pill boxes – I like to keep things simple when I’m out for my quick trips to the river. I have always loved little boxes, and well, this just works for me. And somedays I randomly find one of the boxes in a coat pocket, and it is nice to open up that little box and soak in a memory.

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