Land of the Lost

Somedays you have to venture and park at the end of a rough road, on the edge of a vast canyon, and stare out at the volcanoes in the distance while getting ready for a hike. No trails lead into the canyon below you, but the sight of crystal clear water in the distance reminds you […]

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Take A Walk on the Tribe Side

The water on the other side of the river is always better, right? Any Deschutes River angler that has stood at South Junction has stolen a view of the river left bank, admiring just how fishy that water looks over there. After last Friday, that perceived fishyness has been confirmed. A friend from The Fly […]

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Pieces Left Behind

Last night I drove back down to our favorite camp along the Upper Deschutes river, to grab the boat ( hard to tow a trailer and a boat at the same time ), and the memories of the weekend swelled up from the banks of the river and washed over me with great emotion. The […]

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Picking Pockets – Euro Style

On a calm night from the room I call my office, I can hear the Deschutes River rushing by in the canyon below. I’m fortunate enough to be able to string up my rod in my driveway, and walk a block down the street and be standing by its rushing currents within five minutes. Life […]

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