Sometimes you just need to simplify things. Leave the boat at home. No need for a float tube or a sinking tip. No bobbers. Floatant – nope. Waders and boots? Meh. A handful of jig flies and small dropper nymphs, a nice long rod, and some familiar water filled with large boulders, logs and swift […]

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The trip to Cinder Hill Campground at East Lake has become an annual tradition for the Crawford family.  And for good reason – the Newberry Caldera is a beautiful place and East Lake is quite fun to fish.  Our favorite campsite was all reserved and as the school year had just finished up, our trip […]

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Three Keepers In The Boat

Some days on the river aren’t measured in fish brought to hand.  They are a success the moment the boat slips into the current under a bright blue sky. But the excitement of it all sometimes makes you pull over and play in the mud, and let four legged passengers relieve themselves. And back in […]

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