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This morning along Lava Island on the Deschutes River, the buckets were filled up with fish netted from the side channel that is slowly drying up due to the low winter flows. While scooping up tiny sculpin and trout to transplant back in the main-stem of the river is not a permanent fix to the […]

Every October, those that control the faucet at the head of the Deschutes River at Wickiup Dam, turn things down to begin storing water for next years irrigation needs. The photo above shows the Upper Deschutes River about a half mile below the Wickup Dam – this photo can only be taken during the height […]

Spring is upon us, and¬†for the most part, the Snow is Gone from most¬†spots. ¬†This also means that many anglers¬†have the¬†itch¬†to get out on the water. ¬†And as the rush of spring flows subsides in our favorite streams, the high water lines will likely be littered with trash from seasons past. Flip flops, beer cans, […]

Burning out of control That won’t help see’mon, see’mon… Get Up, Stand Up – Get Up, Stand Up by Toots and The Maytals It seems there is no shortage of causes to rally behind today in the United States. ¬†Tune into any media outlet, and one can easily find¬†something¬†to get fired up about. ¬†Regardless of […]

I love scrolling through Instagram to take a mental vacation during the day. ¬†Beautiful shots of mountain vistas, sunrises, and pristine rivers let my mind wander to¬†happy places. ¬†And of course peppered throughout my feed are the classic “Grip n Grin” photos. I am guilty of being a model in said pose, and I totally […]

High in the Cascade range of Southern Oregon, a Battle has been playing out: ODFW vs Chub. ¬†With millions of dollars waged on this war, and acts of akin to dropping an atomic bomb on the Chub ( killing many many others as well ) – the mighty chub keeps coming back. A great story […]

There has been some big news regarding the Lower Deschutes river and the impact of the Selective Water Withdrawal Tower at the Pelton Dam. ¬†Earlier this week, the Deschutes River Alliance filed suite against PGE on the impact the SWWT has taken on the Lower Deschutes. This alongside the pending legal battle on the Deschutes […]