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Time has been rolling by quickly as of late. ¬†My daughters finished up 3rd and Kindergarten. ¬†Summer started ( late due to snowpocalypse ), and we have already been on some great adventures. And of course I haven’t been musing about them enough here on the blog. ¬†So here are a few quick snapshots from […]

My first cold of the back to school season thwarted a trip to the coast but after resting for a day I felt good enough to head to East Lake on Sunday afternoon.  A few nice Browns were brought to the boat but the real catch was the sunset.

  During my sophomore year of college this song, rather the entire Oasis album had a permanent home in my five disc changer. I have no clue what a¬†Champagne Supernova in the sky is. ¬†The intro of the track though has the sound of water washing against a shore, and this morning as I stood […]

And she will out fish you. ¬†Kaydee is holding up the number of fish she caught compared to the single fish I pulled into the kayak on Devils Lake this past Sunday. And since I was out-fished, I had to buy froyo… Nothing better than spending a sunny day fishing with my little girl. ¬†<3

This post’s soundtrack is a cover of the original song performed this past July by The Dave Matthews Band.   Last night I really had to force myself to set an¬†alarm to the darker-side of 5am. ¬†The prior night wasn’t the best sleep for me, and I¬†knew it was going to be cold in the […]

Although fishing on a man-made impoundment doesn’t really qualify as a Wilderness Experience – I typically like to think any form of fishing should be an escape from it all. ¬†But during this outing the wilderness was going to have a soundtrack – a¬†shitty soundtrack – supplied by campers nearby. The thunderstorm overhead had just […]

The trip to Cinder Hill Campground at East Lake has become an annual tradition for the Crawford family. ¬†And for good reason – the Newberry Caldera is a beautiful place and East Lake is quite fun to fish. ¬†Our favorite campsite was all reserved and as the school year had just finished up, our trip […]