Little Secrets

All anglers have their Little Secrets – those amazing holes where the big ‘uns are. In the age of the Internet, the biggest taboo is to leak the whereabouts of these close-guarded secret spots. The most sacred of spots, at least it seems in the Pacific Northwest, are the coveted steelhead runs. There happens to be […]

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No Excuses

Sometimes you need to disregard the forecast, even if NOAA tells you it is going to rain.  Even when the USGS tells you a river is going to bump and might be blown out – no excuses – you just have to go. Fortunately I was able to convince some good friends to disregard the […]

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The Hunt

I discovered this episode’s music via my colleague Jeff Bowen.  The lyrics of this one reminded me of the coast, and the title of the track from River Whyless is very much inline with the pursuit of winter steelhead.   Hours, perhaps days even, have been spent in the pursuit.  Each winter I trek over […]

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Crooked River Steelhead

The Crooked River is a special place for anglers in Central Oregon. For me it is where I was first really introduced to the sport, and where I caught my first fish on the fly. Gabe Parr just finished up putting together a new site that provides some great information about the push to provide […]

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Up High and Blown Away

A last minute plan was hatched to float the Deschutes from Trout Creek to Maupin. Recent reports of late steel coming into the system kept the stoke high – but unfortunately at the put in the water was as high as the stoke. That was also about the time I realized my wading boots were […]

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Mah Hah

I’m finishing up this draft at SFO – where last night I was stranded due to a cancelled flight to get back to Bend. Reliving this day through these words and images are turning my sleepy frown, upside-down. The native name of the John Day river almost reads as the sound I made, the giddy […]

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