I’ve managed to get out on the water few early mornings and later evenings this week. And on one of these recent evenings I made the odd choice to take out the phone and record a little video clip summarizing my adventures. While I have dabbled a bit with making vlog-style videos before – I […]

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Roads Life Goes

Twenty Twenty has been an interesting one. The world has effectively made us all turn down a road that isn’t on the map at all… one where there is no cell service to pull up Google Maps and try and see if you are even going in somewhat the right direction. Because of this I […]

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Come Alive

Dreaming with your eyes wide open One of the greatest joys of being a parent is watching your kids experience things for the first time. Sure things like taking those first wobbly steps, or uttering the first word are the classics, but for me it is seeing them encounter a new experience, one they will […]

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