A few times a year I get the chance to travel to interesting places for work. ¬†Earlier this month, I joined my team in¬†New Orleans for a week of time spent working together on projects and exploring the sights, sounds, and deep cultural history of this amazing city. On some of these work¬†trips, I pack […]

Burning out of control That won’t help see’mon, see’mon… Get Up, Stand Up – Get Up, Stand Up by Toots and The Maytals It seems there is no shortage of causes to rally behind today in the United States. ¬†Tune into any media outlet, and one can easily find¬†something¬†to get fired up about. ¬†Regardless of […]

Over the past month, winter has done its best to turn Bend Oregon into a real-life version of Arendale. ¬†Most of my spare time was spent shoveling snow into piles, clearing the roof of snow, and then shoveling those piles into more piles. ¬†Roofs collapsed, schools were canceled for almost 2 weeks straight, and cabin […]

Nothing is more lovely than the gold of fall. ¬†On the high desert, the sage blossoms put on a show nearly as good as a grove of aspen. ¬†When the sage is next to a river – well you just can’t go wrong. The Crooked River has had a rough time as of late. ¬†The […]

I love scrolling through Instagram to take a mental vacation during the day. ¬†Beautiful shots of mountain vistas, sunrises, and pristine rivers let my mind wander to¬†happy places. ¬†And of course peppered throughout my feed are the classic “Grip n Grin” photos. I am guilty of being a model in said pose, and I totally […]

Some people choose to spend the “final” weekend of summer at the beach. ¬†Others herald the opening weekend of college football with a back yard bbq. ¬†The Crawfords of Bend – they opted to spend the weekend camping in a pasture full of black cows. Wamic, Oregon¬†was the exact location of said pasture. ¬†But this […]

High in the Cascade range of Southern Oregon, a Battle has been playing out: ODFW vs Chub. ¬†With millions of dollars waged on this war, and acts of akin to dropping an atomic bomb on the Chub ( killing many many others as well ) – the mighty chub keeps coming back. A great story […]

Last week I drifted between time zones, job roles, state lines, and states of mind. ¬†More than once I awoke in the middle of the night, typically after the first drift off to sleep – and my mind would struggle to find¬†where I had drifted too, and¬†when it was. ¬†Fortunately my mind, and body drifted […]

There has been some big news regarding the Lower Deschutes river and the impact of the Selective Water Withdrawal Tower at the Pelton Dam. ¬†Earlier this week, the Deschutes River Alliance filed suite against PGE on the impact the SWWT has taken on the Lower Deschutes. This alongside the pending legal battle on the Deschutes […]