Mono | Chrome

While out in Park City, UT this past September for work – I had the opportunity to fish with the guys that made this video. Love the edit. And yes, for work, I got to go fish while at a company meetup in a beautiful place. Sound interesting? We are hiring.

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Take A Walk on the Tribe Side

The water on the other side of the river is always better, right? Any Deschutes River angler that has stood at South Junction has stolen a view of the river left bank, admiring just how fishy that water looks over there. After last Friday, that perceived fishyness has been confirmed. A friend from The Fly […]

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Catching on the Crooked

With the steelhead running up the Deschutes, and friends sending pictures of catches at Mecca, it is hard to resist the drive North to join in the fun. But with another oddly warm 70+ degree Sunday, I decided my ego could use a little bit of healing in the Crooked River canyon. I’m not entirely […]

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Getting Zen on Chewaucan

I had yet to sleep a weekend evening in my own bed the entire month… so eager to keep the streak alive we packed up the trailer and headed south to Summer Lake Hot Springs. The destination is a favorite of the family, but my littlest girl Teagan is turning four tomorrow, and it was […]

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East Lake Independence

  We spent a lovely weekend with friends camping up at East Lake.  Between family time, we did manage to get out on the water a little bit.  Winds kept much of the dry fly action at bay during the day, but we did have one nice evening this past Saturday where the water glassed […]

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The Optimism Orgasm

Last Friday a plan was in the works to fish somewhere that weekend.  Many options were passed around via all forms of electronic pulse.  Texts and emails all conjuring images of throwing line through the air – but the targets varied from the Cascade Lakes above Bend, to urban streams with steelhead over the mountains. […]

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