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And so with another click
I go, and another
out there
echoes out
a response

And together we


image, sound

a backdrop of noise

In the end
There is Z

A reminder
that forward
Often requires turning

And with that completely random poem, one that could only happen after days filled with hours of zooming, this little month-long blog wander through my mind comes to the end. Z.

While thinking about z, and how awesome it as that some folks in the world pronounce it Zed, I kept visualizing the gentle switchbacks of the trail down to the river.

Little z’s strung along the hillside like lights on a tree – those z’s that make it easier to climb up/down those steep hills. Lovely how they give you a chance to see things from a different perspective, at every turn… back the direction you just came, but also a little bit closer to the end.

Reflection and motivation all at once.


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