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All anglers have their Little Secrets – those amazing holes where the big ‘uns are. In the age of the Internet, the biggest taboo is to leak the whereabouts of these close-guarded secret spots. The most sacred of spots, at least it seems in the Pacific Northwest, are the coveted steelhead runs.

There happens to be a river nearby, that for some reason is always mentioned in hush conversation… Instagram photos of the spot remain un-geotagged. The name of this river is almost like that of Voldemort when the wild steelhead are running – which is odd because nobody thinks twice about saying its’ name when talking about bass or rafting in the summer.

Tis the season, and I stumbled across this photo while perusing the Google Drive this morning, so figured it was high time for my next Old Old Fashioned post.

Here my friends is a steelhead treasure map of The River That Shall Not Be Named – which was published for everyone to see over 40 years ago. 😂 Just follow the X’s and thar will be steel gold in them waters. It is that easy right??


3 comments on “Little Secrets

  1. Jay Nicholas says:

    Timmie I need your contact info and phone. I’ve got Kickstarter flies for you but don’t know how many or where to ship them! Thanks.

    1. Timmy Crawford says:

      Hey Jay! I’ll send you an email

  2. Josh R. says:


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